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GPS deviceHTC A8181, Holux M-1000
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ТасосShow all tracks on map2457.98 km40.44 km/h
ТатарияShow all tracks on map2188.32 km55.83 km/h
НГ 2016Show all tracks on map896.09 km40.08 km/h
КорфуShow all tracks on map3024.85 km43.34 km/h
БалтикаShow all tracks on map1090.26 km26.31 km/h
ТенерифеShow all tracks on map695.45 km53.85 km/h
КритShow all tracks on map650.10 km38.64 km/h
дедыShow all tracks on map2411.89 km46.61 km/h
Tracks uploaded193
Tracks length20 259 km.
Average track length104.97 km.