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Polish format MAP (.MP) to Google.Earth (.KML) converter

Maximum file size(*) : 45M

How does it work?

  1. You should take a map in "polish" format, Garmin format (*.IMG) or GisRussa (*.RUS)
  2. If the map is not in "polish" format, than you should convert it into "polish" format with GPSMapEdit.
  3. Upload the map using form in the upper part of page
  4. Than download KML and upload it into Google Earth
  5. That's all

Here are examples of files, created with the help of this converter:

You shoud understand, that Google Earth's current version isn't designed for amateur map drawing. All spots, polygones and polylines that have a lot of properties in ??? systems are reducted into simple objects.

Converter specially ignores objects "Forest" (0x50 in polish format) and "Green plantations" (0x17). Ussually this objects are rather large and are drifted on the map partly (by squares) that prevents normal map reviewn in Google Earth.