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Подосинки - Шиферная 15.12.18

Track information

Distance:56.96 km.
Average speed:6.22 km/h
Total time:9 h. 9 min. 39 sec.
Start date:15.12.2018 09:33:04
Finish date:15.12.2018 18:42:43
Coordinates:55.57197N 38.73584E
55.28014N 38.96702E
Stopping time:2 h. 50 min. 44 sec.
Moving time:6 h. 18 min. 55 sec.
Moving speed:8.77 km/h
Maximum speed:24.64 km/h
Track quality (70.00%):Good
height profile for tack Подосинки - Шиферная 15.12.18

Height profile

Minimum height: 6.10 m.
Maximum height: 70.10 m.
Total height asc: 1236.80 m.
Total height dec: 449.70 m.
Speed scheme for tack Подосинки - Шиферная 15.12.18
Speed scheme for tack Подосинки - Шиферная 15.12.18

Speed distribution

Put your mouse pointer over speed values to see track parts where these speeds were recorded.

<5 5-10 10-20 20-30 30-50 50-70 >70


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